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How To Successfully Start Your Own Writers Group

A writers group offers many advantages: constructive criticism of your writing, moral support from fellow writers, even the opportunity to discuss issues related to writing—finding editors, getting published, and promoting your work on social media. You can find virtual writers groups that allow authors in many different locations to communicate regularly with one another via the Internet. But what if you want some face time with other authors, and there aren’t any local writing groups near you? What do you do? Start a writers group!

What if you write as away to avoid interacting with people?

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Heads Hanging by fredMin on Flickr.

"Heads flower pots hanged on a tree , Chiang Rai, Thailand." - fredMin

leo9sun, I think you need to do this.

fuck. that’s several dollars more than I was hoping.

I need to find this.


Illustration by Edward Gorey


Illustration by Edward Gorey

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